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We are self-confessed lovers of technology and we wanted to bring reliable and covers and cases for our iPhones in Australia. Lucky for us, smartphones have grown so much more than a tool - we can’t seem to live without it.

We wanted to protect our phones and tablets, seeing as how it created a difference in our lives. But more than protection, we want each and every case to carry a unique story.


As gadget-lovers ourselves, it’s our mission to provide protection for everyone with the same love for phones and tablets as we do. Not just protection the ability to express ourselves with the help of something we use every single day in many situations. We want to make every phone to be a testimony of who we are as people.

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You can now start creating your own style so it fits your personality more perfectly. This is an awesome gift to yourself to up your fashion game. But it’s also a great choice for a gift to your family and friends - something personal and customized.

We have worked with experts to come up with an array of designs for different people and different moods. From the simplest cases to classic leather covers and to fun illustrated back shells - we have it all.

We believe durability and reliability are two things you should look for in a phone cover. That’s why more than anything else, we want your phone to be well-protected.

iCoverLover guarantees the use of only the best leather and plastic materials in making these covers. The cases are created with the best and recently updated techniques and equipment to ensure every case is done with care and precision.

As entrepreneurs, we’ve also seen the demand for high-quality gadget accessories. Besides phone cases, we offer customizable wireless chargers and Apple watch straps.

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1. Free and Fast Standard Delivery Australia wide.

2. Product Warranty for peace of mind, for further details please visit our Warranty & Returns Policy.

3. We are an Australian, Adelaide based company aimed at offering exceptional local and international customer service - all stock and shipments are managed in Australia.

4. We provide Easy and Secure Payment methods, for more information see our Payment Methods.

5. Never miss a SALE again! Subscribe to our sale alerts.

As a way of giving back to our dear customers, delivery is free and fast around Australia. 

No need to worry about fitting shipping fees to your budget. Just pay for the items you bought!

Besides offering the best products, we also believe that customer satisfaction is what brings success to our company. 

It is imperative to us that our customers are 100% satisfied with our products and our services. We answer all and any questions, complaints, comments and concerns as soon as possible.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. For any questions, please contact our friendly and approachable team anytime for assistance.

We encourage asking questions and customer feedback. Please contact us or visit our Contact page for the details.

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